iRecord Service Terms

YOUDAO (HONGKONG) LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “YOUDAO (HONGKONG)” or “YOUDAO”), who possesses the ownership and operational rights of iRecord, agrees to provide the Internet-based services according to the iRecord Service Terms (hereinafter referred to as “Service Terms”) and the operation regulations published from time to time. User (hereinafter referred to as “User” or “You”) shall carefully read the content of the Service Terms (particularly in bold), and if minor, in the company of the legal guardian. You have no right to use the services hereunder unless you have accepted the Service Terms. Upon the use of iRecord’s services, you will be considered to have accepted all the Service Terms, including any revision made by YOUDAO (HONGKONG) to the Service Terms at any time.

1. YOUDAO (HONGKONG) will provide iRecord services for the User using its operating system via the Internet. User shall:

(1) Carefully read and be familiarized with the iRecord product introduction, and comply with the Service Terms and its related operation regulations;

(2) Be responsible for your own equipment for using such services, and for connecting to a network;

(3) Be responsible for connecting the Internet and any fees for such connection;

(4) Comply with the related laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China (along with the laws and regulations of your country or region, if not from the People’s Republic of China).

2. Automatic Updates

The User is assumed to agree to the automatic updates of iRecord by default unless opted to refuse.

3. Service Description and Deduction

(1) iRecord Service (or “Services”) refers to the exclusive PRO services provided by iRecord which the User may enjoy, in addition to all services available to free users of iRecord, additional value-added membership services including but not limited to the advertisement removal from current platform, unlimited translations from photos and voices, translations from voices, photos and text translations without limit on the number of characters, and otherservices to be launched in the future, provided that the User has paid for such services according to the terms of payment set forth on the iRecord page (the content of future services might be subject to change).

(2) Once the User purchases the Service, the User will be considered to have accepted the price indicated for the Service; the Service will take effect immediately upon the completion of the purchase. According to User’s demands, and changes of product and service content, YOUDAO will adjust the types, prices, and content of existing Services to improve and optimize the Service continuously.

(3) Types, prices, and content of membership services shall be subject to those published on the related service pages and the Services actually provided to the Users. User may choose relevant Services as needed.

(4) YOUDAO (HONGKONG) will launch the monthly/annual subscription service with automatic renewal (“Subscription Service”) to facilitate your continuous purchase of iRecord Service. Once the Subscription Service is activated, you will be considered to have authorized YOUDAO (HONGKONG) to deduct the fee for the next billing cycle from the balance of your top-up account, third-party payment account, bank card, communication account, iTunes account or Google Play account (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Accounts”) to which your User Account (as defined below) has been linked prior to the expiration of the current iRecord Service, provided that the payment methods shall be adjusted according to the opening progress of payment accounts. The Subscription Service will be implemented on the condition that your iRecord User Account has been linked to the Accounts, and the fees can be deductedfrom the Accounts. You are obliged to pay attention and ensure that there is sufficient balance under your Accounts to enable your use of the Subscription Service. In case of failure to enable the Subscription Service for the reasons relevant to those mentioned above (including but not limited to insufficient balance to cover the current billing cycle or the next consecutive billing cycles), YOUDAO (HONGKONG) is entitled to suspend or terminate the provision of the Subscription Services for you without further notice. You shall cancel the Subscription Service, if you opt to do so, at least 24 hours before the end of the current month/year, or the Subscription Services will be automatically renewed. For the reasons other than the breach of local laws and regulations or the Service Terms, Users of monthly subscription service may opt to unsubscribe from the Subscription Service, provided that the service fee for the current month is nonrefundable; Users of annual subscription service may choose to unsubscribe fromthe Subscription Service, provided that the service fee for the current year is nonrefundable.

(5) You can suspend or terminate the Subscription Service by the following methods: How to unsubscribe from the service subject to automatic renewal made via in-app purchase: Open “Settings” of your iPhone --> Enter “iTunes Store and App Store” --> Click “Apple ID” and select “View Apple ID”, then go to the “Account Settings” page and click “Subscribe”, and unsubscribe for “iRecord Service”.

(6) After the iRecord Service is activated, User shall only use the Services under the current operating system. User acknowledges and agrees that YOUDAO (HONGKONG) shall be entitled to set the total number of terminals where your User Account is to be used under the current operating system and to limit the use of a User Account to one terminal at a time. If your use of the Services extends beyond such limits, YOUDAO (HONGKONG) reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Service for you in part or in whole. User shall solely responsible for any loss arising from the use beyond the scope.

(7) YOUDAO (HONGKONG) will provide Services as agreed herein, but will not undertake to solve any problem arising from the reasons attributable to the User, including but not limited to computer software and hardware malfunctions, the use of any incompatible browser, network glitch, YOUDAO domain name resolution being disabled upon Internet access or interrupted internet connection with the YOUDAO (HONGKONG) server.

4. Service Activation, Account Sign-up and Log-in

To activate the iRecord Service, you may log in using your mobile phone number or by authorizing a third-party account, and select the applicable value-added membership services and pay the agreed fees.

iRecord User Account login system is not available forsome versions, in which case User may select the applicable value-added membership services without logging in, and upon the completion of payment, the User benefits will be linked to the User’s Apple ID or Google Play ID, that is, User may use the iRecord Service by logging into its Apple ID or Google Play ID.

To sign up for an User Account, User shall abide by local laws and regulations, and shall not use any illegal or improper information in the registration of a User Account. User shall warrant that, when signing up for a User Account and using the User Account locally, it will not:

1. Violate any local laws and regulations;

2. Spread rumors, disturb social order, and undermine social stability;

3. Spread obscenity or eroticism, gamble, resort to violence, commit a murder, threaten others or abet the offense;

4. Insult or slander others, or infringe others’ legal rights and interests;

5. Publish other content forbidden by local laws and administrative regulations.

According to local laws and regulations, in consideration of the importance of iRecord Service, the User agrees that:

1. Users will provide prompt exhaustive and accurate sign-up information;

2. Users will not activate the Services for themselves or others for the purpose of profit-making or by any improper means or breaching the principle of good faith;

3. Users will take the full responsibility for all the behaviors and events under their User Accounts and will neither sell nor lend their User Account.

4. Users will properly and correctly take care of, use and maintain their User Account and the password, and take necessary and effective confidentiality measures for their User Account and password. If the User fails to do so, YOUDAO (HONGKONG) will not bear any liability for any loss or damage of User, YOUDAO (HONGKONG) or any other third party caused thereof.

5. YOUDAO (HONGKONG) reserves the right to reject the sign-up, and to terminate the use of its services by User, if the sign-up information as provided is incorrect or unauthentic, or contains illegal or improper information.

User fully understands and agrees, that they shall be liable for all the behaviors under their User Accounts, including but not limited to any content published by the User and any consequence arising therefrom. User shall make their judgment for the content of the Service, and bear all risks arising from the use of such content, including the risks caused by the reliance upon the correctness, completeness or practicality of the content.

5. Use

iRecord Service is only available to User for non-commercial purposes. After the purchase, User shall not sell, transfer, grant a license to use or otherwise provide the iRecord or iRecord-related data, service or software or its derivatives to any third party, without the written consent of YOUDAO (HONGKONG). In the process of using the iRecord Service, User shall not damage, disable, affect, impose a heavy load on, or influence the use by any other party of the lookup service of iRecord. User may provide feedback or improvement suggestions of iRecord, if any, to YOUDAO (HONGKONG), whereby YOUDAO (HONGKONG) and a third party will be granted the right to use and add User’s feedback or suggestions in iRecord(or third-party software) for free.

6. Service Quality Monitoring

To monitor the service quality, iRecord will send the quality-related data (including but not limited to lookup delay and the address of the server from which YOUDAO (HONGKONG) provides services) generated during the software operation to the server of YOUDAO (HONGKONG) in due time. Meanwhile, a unique number will be generated, and once you install or update iRecord, the number will be sent to the server of YOUDAO (HONGKONG) together with a message stating the status of the installation or update.This is to improve the service quality of iRecord, and YOUDAO (HONGKONG) warrants that it will not use such information for illegal or immoral purposes.

7. Intellectual Property

(1) The User acknowledges that YOUDAO (HONGKONG) reserves all the rights of iRecord, including but not limited to all Intellectual Property Rights. “Intellectual Property Rights” means all the rights specified under the Patent Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law and the Law Against Unfair Competition, and all applications, updates, expansions and recoveries thereof, whether implemented and in force now or in the future worldwide. The User agrees that they will not revise, adapt or translate iRecord, nor create the derivatives of iRecord, nor obtain the source code or related data by decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembling or any other means. The User agrees that they will not delete, cover up or revise the statements of YOUDAO (HONGKONG) and any third party for copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. Logo, page layout, layout form, texts, pictures and graphics in the online services provided by YOUDAO (HONGKONG) are subject to the protection of copyright, trademark and other laws, and shall not be, directly or indirectly, published, used, revised or re-issued for publishing or use, or used for any other commercial purpose via any platform, without the consent of related right holders.

(2) YOUDAO (HONGKONG) respects and encourages the creations by User. User shall own the copyright of all the original content (including but not limited to definitions, examples, answers, articles, and comments) they publish in iRecord. Subject to Item (4) of this Section 7, User may authorize a third party to use such content in any form, without obtaining the consent of YOUDAO (HONGKONG).

(3) To promote the sharing and the spread of knowledge, User shall grant YOUDAO (HONGKONG) a free, global, perpetual, irrevocable, assignable, sublicensable and non-exclusive license to use all the content they’ve published in iRecord. iRecord reserves the right to use such content in all products and services of YOUDAO (HONGKONG) and its affiliates, including but not limited to websites and applications launched or other Internet products.

(4) If a User authorize a third party to repost the content published by the User in iRecord in other platforms, it shall ensure that such third party identify in a noticeable position the name (or the username in iRecord) of the original author, original link and statements as “Published in iRecord”

(5) If any third party infringes the rights of a iRecord User, User agrees to authorize YOUDAO (HONGKONG) or its designated agent to warn, complain, file an administrative proceeding, lawsuit or appeal against or negotiate a settlement with the third party on behalf of YOUDAO (HONGKONG) or User, and to join the above proceedings to safeguard legal rights if YOUDAO (HONGKONG) deemsnecessary.

(6) YOUDAO (HONGKONG) reserves the right to review the content published by the User, but make no expressed or implied warranty for any of such content, which will not represent the opinions or suggestions of YOUDAO (HONGKONG). YOUDAO (HONGKONG) shall be entitled to handle the infringement information in accordance with related evidence, local laws and regulations, and the Service Terms.

8. User Privacy System

Respecting User’s privacy is a basic policy of YOUDAO (HONGKONG). YOUDAO (HONGKONG) will collect, store, use, disclose and protect your personal information according to the privacy policy published by iRecord. Users shall fully read the privacy policy to facilitate the protection of their personal information.

9. Service Change

You fully understand, agree and accept, due to the particularity of Internet services, that YOUDAO (HONGKONG) might suspend or terminate the provision of the Services for you according to related regulations or as required for its business adjustment. In such case, YOUDAO (HONGKONG) will protect your legal rights and interests according to the law, provided that you perform the obligations as agreed under the Service Terms.

10. Force Majeure

YOUDAO (HONGKONG) will bear no liability for any loss arising from force majeure. “Force Majeure” referred to herein include natural disasters, changes in laws and regulations or government orders, those caused by the features of Internet services, such as operation failures of domestic and overseas basic telecom operators, technical defects of computer or Internet, limited coverage of Internet, computer virus and hacker attacks, and other unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective circumstances.

11. Notice

All notices will be sent to User via email, in-app notice or an announcement in a noticeable position of the website.YOUDAO (HONGKONG) will inform User of any revision to the Service Terms, service changes or other important matters by any of the methods above.

12. Liability for Breach

If the User’s act breaches local laws and regulations, the Service Terms or the rules of iRecord, YOUDAO (HONGKONG) shall be entitled to take measures including but not limited to, suspending or terminating the Service in part or in whole, restricting, suspending or terminating their log-in and use and holding them legally accountable, and YOUDAO (HONGKONG) is not obligated to return any payment to the User. If the User commits any breach of the Service Terms and causes any damages to a third party, they shall be solely liable for the damages to any third party, and indemnify YOUDAO (HONGKONG) for any loss caused thereby. User agrees to protect and maintain YOUDAO (HONGKONG)’s interests, and bear the attorney fee, compensation for damages, penalties imposed by government authorities and other compensations for infringement arising from their breach of the Service Terms and/or other service terms.

13. Law

The terms above will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.Any dispute shall be settled by the parties through negotiation; if it fails, the Parties agree to submit the dispute to China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) for arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rule of CIETAC in force and applicable laws. The venue of arbitration shall be Beijing. The arbitration tribunal shall consist of three (3) arbitrators.

The above terms and conditions are the complete agreement in relation to the subject matter hereof and shall prevail over and replace all previous and contemporaneous written or oral provisions or agreements in relation to the subject matter. Any exclusion from the terms shall be in writing, and uponthe written signature of YOUDAO (HONGKONG) and /or iRecord or the third party who provides software via iRecord.

Any doubt about the Service Terms may be sent to YOUDAO at